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Weisse truffel / Alba trüffel / magnatum Pico

Weisse Trüffel      Magnatum Pico 

Schwarze trüffel / Périgord trüffel / Mélanosporum

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Sommer Trüffel Aestivum

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Sommer Trüffel Aestivum 

Italienischer Käse  

Mozzarella di buffala D.O.P

la mozzarella bufala DOP

Buffalo Mozzarella has sustained generation of breeders and arouses enthusiasm in anyone who is able to recognise the inimitable taste of mozzarella made with this kind of milk. Buffalo Mozzarella is recognised as a cheese with Protected Designation of Origin. It is the queen of all drawn cheeses and it is versatile and exquisitely sweet.

The buffalo milk comes from small stock farms located along the shores of the Cilento National Park, along the borders of the Basilicata region as far as Piana del Sele.

The mozzarella is porcelain white with an exceptionally soft, smooth, layered surface. The aroma is one of fresh milk and cream. It has a slightly acid taste and is fairly salty. The Mozzarella has a smooth, rubbery consistence with a very strong taste of flowers and grasses.
Available in 30 gr / 50 gr / 125 gr
per 3 kg
La mozzarella est le plus célèbre des fromages à pâte filée. Si on la retrouve le plus souvent réalisée industriellement à partir de lait de vache, ici elle est produite de la manière on ne peut plus artisanale

Elle provient d'une petite ferme de Campana, région d'origine de la mozzarella, elle est labellisée AOP mozarella di bufala.

Il s'agit d'un fromage réalisé entièrement à la main grâce à un savoir-faire traditionnel, et exclusivement à partir de lait de bufflonne. Sa saveur légèrement florale et herbacée est liée au fait que les bufflonnes, en plus d'être au grand air, ont pu pâturer l'herbe fraîche du Parco Nazionale du Cilento.

il cuor di burrata

Cuor di burrata is the result of rich milk combined with our desire to offer fresh, pleasant, easy-to-use products. The milk we use comes form small stock farms. It is a cheese composed by chopped drawn curds and fresh cream. It has a sweet taste and a creamy melting consistency.

It should be served at room temperature and never straight from the fridge as this would spoil the aromas of hazelnut and straw which are so typical of cream of milk.


Teneri is the buffalo ricotta. The high biological value of the whey proteins makes it suitable for both children and the elderly, it is a precious ingredient in the culinary tradition of the mediterranean diet.

Although ricotta is, therefore, a cheese, it is not produced by using coagulated milk, but by heating the whey obtained from mozzarella of buffalo milk production process.

Teneri is pearly white with an intense aroma of heated milk with a hint of walnut. It has a smooth, delicate taste and a fine, slightly sticky consistency. Fresh buffalo milk is added at the end of the process.